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Kako igrati Astro

Players select four elements to play:

  • A number representing a day of the month, from 1-31
  • A month (January - December)
  • A two-digit number representing a year (00 - 99)
  • An astrological sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.)

Players may choose elements that typically don’t go together, i.e. June 31.

A player is a winner if their selection matches one, two, three, or four of the elements drawn. The more elements matched, the bigger the prize. Each play is $1.

For an additional $1, the Extra feature can also be added to any ticket for more chances to win.

Nacrtajte dane i vremena

Drawings are held daily at approximately 10:30 PM local time.

Astro FAQ

Can I buy a Canadian Astro ticket online?

Astro tickets are not available for online purchase through at this time, but real U.S. Powerball tickets are at!

When is the Canada Astro drawing?

Crteži se održavaju svakodnevno!

What time is the Astro drawing?

10:30 po lokalnom vremenu.

What are the Canada Astro winning results?

View the latest Canada Astro winning numbers in the app or here on the Canada Astro Results page following each drawing.